Due to lack of support by State and Local Government, Cook 250 in 1770 Legacy Project is on hold until further clarification of some possible funding from Federal Government. 
Planning is underway for our 1770 Festival in 2020 and can be viewed here.

For those who have supported us to date,
we thank you. 


a place of beauty and serenity. A place free of traffic lights and roundabouts; free of the humdrum of busy city life or the push and shove of bustling tourist towns. A place where beautiful beaches meet national parks; where you can see the humpback whales from the shore; where you can walk amongst butterflies, see kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, loggerhead turtles and manta rays in their own natural habitat. A place where you can hike the many walking trails; ride a bicycle or a scooter; play a round of golf or go barefoot bowling.   A place where you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, diving; surfing, sup boarding, and kayaking. A place where you can fish from the shore or by boat; in the creeks, the bay or the ocean. A place where you can take a trip to the lighthouse and the islands of the Southern Great Barrier Reef.  A place with hotels, resorts, motels, cabins, caravanning and camping; with restaurants, cafes; parks with bbqs, playgrounds and boardwalks. A place with stunning sunrises over the ocean and divine sunsets over the bay.  We know just the place… 
the towns of 1770 and Agnes Water.
with a place where our first people lived for thousands of years. A place where Lieutenant James Cook, the world's greatest explorer, anchored his ship, HMB Endeavour, and came ashore.  A place where the crew collected some of the first scientific specimens from the Australian continent, ever recorded by Europeans.
with our coastal community of Town of 1770, being Captain James Cook’s first Queensland and second Australian landing place for HMB Endeavour, as we plan our festivities for Cook 250 celebrations to be held in 2020.
as we create a long lasting community asset which tells the story of our indigenous cultural heritage, our environmental significance and our Australian history on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Cook’s landing at the site of the Town of 1770.
for three and a half weeks of festivities as we showcase our towns, from 6th to 31st May 2020, to mark the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the landing of Lt James Cook and the HMB Endeavour crew on the shores of what is now known as the Town of 1770. 
our website; like us on Facebook; or follow us on Twitter to stay informed of our progress in the lead up to May 2020.

Cook 250 in 1770 Project Team
In October 2016, the Cook 250 in 1770 project team was formed as part of  Discovery Coast Tourism & Commerce Inc. (DCTC), our local tourism organisation.  The Cook 250 in 1770 vision is to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Cook's landing, by creating a unique visitor experience which tells the story of our Indigenous cultural heritage, our environmental significance and our Australian history.
be a part of our experience, contact us to find out how you can donate to help us meet our goals.

(a project team of DCTC Inc.)   ABN: 55 170 696 950
PO Box 253 Agnes Water Qld 4677   |    project2020@cook250in1770.com

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